How We Work

PaulinaHi, I’m Paulina, the owner of SimplePea Design, a boutique marketing design studio offering printed marketing collateral, event materials, photography, online marketing and website solutions for the spa and wellness industry. My experience spans 15 years and encompasses well-known brands like Spafinder Wellness and Everyday Health, organizations like Global Wellness Summit, the Global Wellness Institute and countless entrepreneurs ranging from spas to yoga studios, massage therapists and other wellness professionals.

A mindful approach

My mission is to offer mindful marketing design solutions to spa and wellness businesses and support them in making a meaningful impact on the health of their clients and their bottom line too. In an age of over-saturated marketing messages, I take a holistic approach by providing a broad spectrum of services and looking at the big picture of both the client’s needs and their authentic communication style. Doing so helps us reach their clients with an intention to share and connect, fostering strong client relationships for years to come.

Let’s collaborate

Click here to view the spectrum of services I offer to spas and wellness businesses or email me about other project ideas at design(at)